I am back after having not worked on this site or done anything with it since the year 2000.

The site was featured on SlashDot in June 2000, and after that, I received so many signatures that they overloaded the guestbook script I was using for collecting information. After messing with this for a while, some things happened that took me away from it, and it got on the back burner. Before long I forgot the publishing password, and just left it by the wayside.

I am going to start to maintain the site and the petition again. All the signatures that I collected are intact and in my possession. I am starting a new, blank petition page to collect more signatures. This time we WILL present the petition to Microsoft.

Any linking to this site, advertising of this site, etc. are very much welcome.

Any comments, questions, etc can be sent to iefreebsd@fox56.tv